Alexander Dollars for Scholars is a group of volunteers who meet to solicit and distribute funds for scholarships for Alexander (New York) Central School students each year.  We present our college scholarships at the Senior Banquet and Awards Ceremony in June.



On January 17, 1996 the Alexander Community Organization for Renewable and New Scholarships (A.C.O.R.N.S.) was chartered as an affiliate of the Citizens Scholarship Foundation of America as a tax-exempt charitable organization and public supported charity. 

The first contributor was Mr. A. Warren "Prof" Dayton who, with several other anonymous benefactors, helped establish our scholarship fund.

In 2005 we changed our name to Alexander Dollars for Scholars.

Alexander was the first chapter in the Genesee Region of New York State under the parent organization, Scholarship America.  Oakfield-Alabama, Alden and Pembroke have started local chapters since then.


We are committed to preserving existing scholarships and initiating at least one new award each year.