During the Senior Awards Ceremony in June 2023,  

16 seniors who completed the application process for Alexander Dollars

for Scholars were awarded  36 scholarships totaling $29,45000.  Since

many of our scholarships are given to multiple recipients, a total of  49

scholarships were awarded to these  graduates. Our scholarships

recognized excellence in academics, athletics, community service, 

music, extracurricular activities in school and in the community, 

positive character traits.  Funding came from alumni, memorials,

tributes, and current and retired staff.  

Scholarship recipients are reminded to print out a copy of their fall

semester grades and their spring semester schedule, mail them to

Alexander Dollars for Scholars

P.O. Box 296

Alexander, NY  14005

or drop them off to Mrs. Raines in the ACS Counseling Center.

A check will then be mailed to your college where it must be

deducted from your bill or credited to your account.  The money

cannot be deducted from any financial aid you may be

receiving.  Recipients will be notified when the check has been sent.

Should there be a delay or interruption in a recipient's studies, their

scholarship funds will be held for one year.  Upon receipt of one full-

time semester's worth of grades and their next semester schedule, the

money will be mailed to their school.