Donations may be made to any of the scholarships listed below.

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ACS Retired Staff Scholarship in memory of former colleagues

Alexander Caring Elementary Staff Scholarship

Alexander Caring Elementary Staff (A.C.E.S.) Scholarship 

Dayton Family Scholarship

Administrative Team Leadership Scholarship

Alexander Town Band Scholarship: band student going to college

Alumni Scholarship: to graduates whose parent or grandparent

                                      attended ACS; an essay is required

Brian West, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Carol Stover Williams Memorial Scholarship: good character, may go on in health related field

Class of '58

Class of '79:  for technical/creative abilities, may have participated

                    in Tech Wars/art club

Class of 2009

Class of 2012: Nick Mruczek Memorial Scholarship 

Class of 2019

Class of 2021

Class of 2023

Community Service Scholarship: 100 hours of documented service

Cone Family Nursing Scholarship

David Lang Memorial Scholarship: graduate going into engineering

Elizabeth "Betty" Colby Memorial Scholarship: active participation in high school art program

Frank M. Lincoln Memorial Scholarship: to one outstanding graduate

Gerard and Ann Buckenmeyer Memorial Scholarship 

Glenna Hopfinger Memorial Scholarship:  positive character traits 

Jean M. Rudolph Memorial Scholarship: music

Jeffrey Klein Memorial Scholarship: music/may study communications

Joan Ferry Memorial Scholarship: vocational or 2 year college

Judy Klossner Scholarship: positive character traits

Kate Goodman Memorial Scholarship: history

Kathy Koers Memorial Scholarship: elementary ed. or music

Kevin Kinney Memorial Scholarship - further vocational education

Lyons Automotive Scholarship: further education in trades or

          a vocational/technical field 

Mark Klossner Memorial Scholarship: academic+ athletic

        excellence + extra-curricular participation

Michelle Buckenmeyer Memorial Scholarship: scholar athlete

Red Creek Band Scholarship: music

Rusty Breton Memorial Scholarship: for trades  or vocational school

Score of 100 on Comprehensive English Regents Exam

The College at Brockport: a graduate who will attend Brockport

Thomas J. Ricci, Jr. Scholarship: excellence in English,

      shows compassion  

Tim Paine Memorial:  passion for music


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